Bronze Lion for followfish

The campaign "Tuna Tunes" for the launch of followfish's tinned tuna has been awarded at the Cannes Festival 2013 with a bronze lion in the category "Branded Content & Entertainement".

Stefan Zschaler, Managing Partner and Executive Creative Director of Leagas Delaney Hamburg, states:

"followfish is not just a campaign, it is a whole new brand idea of this agency. We have sort of co-founded this brand in the year 2006 and are not paid by a retainer but by a fee for every sold product. followfish proofs, that this agency is able to go new ways. And that we are able to go the long way to success.". 

followfish has started in 2006 with a range of sustainable deep-frozen fish products. Meanwhile the brand offers tinned tuna (caught by hand) and – since 4 weeks – deep-frozen pizza with tuna, gambas or salmon. You can backtrack every fish to its origin with a tracking code on the pack, which was also developed by the agency.